Important Dates

Admission Dates: September 4, 2018 to April 2, 2019

Testing Dates:
October 20, 2018/ December 15, 2018
February 16, 2019/April 3, 2019

Release of Test Results: Nov 7/ Jan 15 / March 13 / April 12

Deadlines for payment of Reservation Fee: April 12, 2018
Enrolment Dates:
April 23 – Grade 12 STEM
April 24 – Grade 12 ABM/HUMSS/GAS
April 25 – Grade 11 STEM
April 26 – Grade 11 ABM/HUMSS/GAS

Application for Scholarship and Grant: April 29 to May 3, 2019

Congratulations for passing the Senior High School Entrance Examinations!

Examination Date: FEBRUARY 16, 2019

Please click the first letter of your surname to see the list.

A - C
Abat, Fatima R. ABM
Aguas,  Roence Claire L. ABM
Alberto, Trixcia M. HUMSS
Albino, Brix Alvin D. ABM
Aldana, Christine Jhen S. GAS
Angeles, Christian Hanz Andrey Y. HUMSS
Angeles, John Paul STEM
Balagtas, Shanaia Marie D. ABM
Balatbat, Daryl Ashley A. STEM
Bartolo, Ianne Venice M. STEM
Basilio, Raelan Andrei E. HUMSS
Batangan, Christian Ivan A. HUMSS
Bati, Kenneth M. ABM
Bernardo, Maricris I. STEM
Briones, Summer T. STEM
Cabading, Jaimy Arabella M. STEM
Caingat, Darlene Mae B. STEM
Calica, Doreen Monic P. ABM
Canlas, Chester Benedict C. ABM
Canlas, Zhaenna Hadyzel HUMSS
Cao, ZeKerya T. STEM
Capily, Shamma Jearim C. ABM
Carisma, Ciprinita Dhay L. HUMSS
Castro, Angelo L. STEM
Castro, Nina Jennica R. ABM
Cayanan, Sophia Eunice B. STEM
Cleofe, Bea Elaine F. STEM
Colis, Karen C. ABM
Cortez, Aedrielle L. STEM
Cruz, Angela Dela Cruz ABM
Cruz, Angelika Dela Cruz HUMSS
Cruz, Mitzy Marie G. STEM
Cuenco, Jose Gabriel A. STEM
Cunanan, Jowe Anne R. STEM
Cura, Gwynethe L. STEM
D - K
L - O
P - S
T - Y

Examination Date: DECEMBER 15, 2018

Please click the first letter of your surname to see the list.

A - C
Aldana, Alessandra Jean T. ABM
Alday, Gabriel Sancho P. STEM
Alejos, Abrianna Jethree D. HUMSS
Alfonzo, Apreal Chae D. HUMSS
Apuli, Kristine Mae C. GAS
Asuncion, Hannah Patricia M. STEM
Atienza, Issafel C. ABM
Atoy, Princess Diane M. STEM
Balingit, Luis Angelo M. STEM
Banal, Elyssa Venice M. STEM
Bangit, Macerl S. STEM
Bondoc, Adrienne Kacey C. ABM
Bondoc, Neo Dijardin Christian V. STEM
Bruza, Ehnzo C. HUMSS
Buan, Aila Joleen Micah A. STEM
Bucad, Gyzel Ann G. STEM
Bulanadi, Kian Aaron A. HUMSS
Bulanadi, Reichel Ann B. ABM
Bundalian, Jolym Vergara B. ABM
Butiu, Abegail S. HUMSS
Calara, Sophia Francois I. HUMSS
Calilung, Daniella Ian P. ABM
Calma, Mark Caleb M. ABM
Canimo, Gwen C. ABM
Canlas, Jonel E. ABM
Canlas, Maricris D. HUMSS
Cayanan, Leila T. STEM
Chico, Rose Ann C. HUMSS
Cruz, Harry B. Cruz HUMSS
Culala, Ariene Lourdes M. STEM
Cunanan, Ramona Mae P. STEM
D - G
I - M
N - R
S - Y

Examination Date: OCTOBER 20, 2018

Please click the first letter of your surname to see the list.

A - B
Abellana, Cristine Joy L. ABM
Aguila, Victor N. ABM
Agustin, Harold N. STEM
Alcause, Franchesca A. ABM
Angeles, Nikolast D. ABM
Antonio, Nathaniel M. STEM
Austria, Danielle Mae M. ABM
Balita, Julia Jemimah R. ABM
Banal, Piere Angelo C. STEM
Bandula, Mark Blas C. STEM
Bariquit, Summer B. ABM
Basilio, Joyce Anne M. HUMSS
Basilio, Roan M. ABM
Bermundo, Mark Darren G. ABM
Bogtong, Oiah Angela Marie P. STEM
Bonagua, Michelle D. HUMSS
Bondoc, Ruth Q. ABM
Bonifacio, Desiree M. ABM
Briones, Nicole Aslee S. ABM
Buenos-Aires, Steven Allen M. STEM
Byrne, Darby Nanz E. ABM
C - D
E - J
L - M
N - P
Q - S
T - Y

Downloadable Forms

Please download the forms here, print them in legal bond paper and accomplish them completely and legibly:

Admission Form
Recommendation Form
UASHS Official Uniform

Please complete the admission procedure:

  1. All senior high school qualifiers must confirm their slot by paying the non-refundable, non-transferable reservation fee of P1000.00 at the Finance Office on or before March 29, 2019. The reservation fee is deductible from the initial payment. Please keep your official receipt.
  2. Upon payment of reservation fee, present the official receipt at the SHS Admissions Office located at the 2nd floor of Benedictine Bldg .
  3. Encode student data at the SHS Admissions Office
  4. Secure Permit to Enroll
  5. Qualifiers who wish to avail of scholarshipor grant may apply at the Office of the Student Affairs on the 2nd floor of Aniceto Building.

* Please note that the reservation fee is not an assurance for enrolment. Qualifiers must enrol on the scheduled enrolment dates. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your admission.

For related concerns, please contact the Guidance And Admissions Office at 961-3617 local 155.

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