Testing Dates:
November 16, 2019 / December 14, 2019 / January 18, 2020
March 14, 2020 / April 3, 2020

Enrollment for A.Y. 2020-2021:
Grade 11 - April 23, 2020 – STEM & GAS
Grade 11 - April 24, 2020 – HUMSS & ABM
Grade 12 - April 21, 2020 – STEM & GAS
Grade 12 - April 22, 2020 – HUMSS & ABM

NOTE: Come on designated dates to ensure your slot.

Applicants who qualified for admission to the UASHS may apply for the Scholarship and Grant at the Office of the Student Affairs (2nd Floor of the Aniceto Bldg.)

With great joy, we introduce the UA Senior High School and invite you to enroll your son/ daughter.

We take pride in forming our learners as future Catholic Leaders. Our University’s vision and mission are to be the leading Formator of Catholic leaders through Academic Excellence, Christian Formation, and Community Service. UA Education is complete - we train students to be academically competent (BIASA), morally upright (MAGANACA), and socially responsible (MAYAP).

UA Senior High School Education is balanced – students are immersed in educational experiences and co-curricular and extracurricular activities that will ensure the holistic development of the students.

The UASHS offers the Academic Track with the following Strands:

Strand Recommended for students who…
Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM)


…are inclined to Accountancy, Business Management, Hotel, and Restaurant Management, Hospitality, Tourism, Marketing, Business Administration, Advertising, Promotions, and other business-related programs.
General Academic Strand (GAS) … have varied interests in the Sciences and the Arts. The GAS program has two concentrations – the ABM and HUMSS. Thus, students who choose this strand have a substantial advantage with balanced humanities and business training.
Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) …have pursuits in Psychology, Communications, Education, Social Work, Anthropology, Legal Management, Political Science, Law, and other disciplines focused on understanding society, culture, and politics.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)


…who dream of becoming scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and professionals in other medical and health-related courses; for those wanting to pursue engineering, architecture, information and communications technology, computer science, and careers in sciences and mathematics.

Regardless of the strand chosen by the student in Senior High School, all our graduates are College-ready and can apply to any program/course they want to pursue.

Incoming Grade 11

Application Procedure:

  • Applicants must be in Grade 10 from any DepEd-accredited public and private school at the time of application.
  • Follow these easy steps:

Admission/Application Procedure:

1. Be familiar with the admission/application procedure.

2. Pay the Application Fee of Php. 300.00

The application Fee is waived for UAJHS completers. Proceed to Step 3.

Two ways of payment:

  • Over-the-counter at the UA Business Office.
  • via GCASH – UA Senior High School

QR code:

3. Fill out the Application Form:

  • In-person: visit the SHS GAO Office on the 2nd floor of the Galang Building.
  • Via google forms

For UAJHS Alumni and Graduating Students click:

For Non-UAJHS Graduates click:

4. Releasing of Test Permit

After completing the application form, please wait for your test permit to be sent to the email you provided.

5. Take the Entrance Examination

Upon favorable action by the UASHS Admission Committee, the applicant will receive an ACCEPTANCE LETTER indicating the student number and strand where the student is eligible

The ACCEPTANCE LETTER provides the following details:

Mode of Learning

For AY 2024-2025, the mode of learning will be purely in-person / face to face

Enrolment Requirements

Submit the following documents during the in-person enrolment (in a long brown envelope):

For Completers of UAJHS:
For Non-UAJHS:

  • Report Card (F138)
  • Clear Copy of PSA or NSO birth certificate
  • 2 by 2 ID Picture with name tag (2 pcs)
  • Accomplished Student Assessment Form (GAO-SAF)

For Non-UAJHS:

  • Original Form 138 (Report Card)
  • ESC Certificate (for ESC beneficiaries in JHS)
  • Clear copy of NSO/PSA birth certificate
  • 2 by 2 ID Picture with name tag (2 pcs)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Accomplished Student Assessment Form (GAO-SAF)

Voucher Program

DepEd Public School applicants automatically receive Php17,500.00 worth of voucher; submission of documentary requirements is unnecessary.

Applicants from ESC participating schools who received Php 9,000.00 in Grade 10 automatically receive a Php14,000.00 voucher. You need to submit the ESC certificate issued by your Junior High School;

Non-voucher program beneficiaries (Non-VPBs) – to qualify for the Voucher Program, apply to This portal usually opens in July or August, 2024. All qualified applicants shall receive a QVA certificate from PEAC to be eligible for the Php14,000.00 voucher;

Academic Scholarship

Academic Scholarships are available for students With High or Highest Honors. For inquiry, please send a message to the FB Page of the UA Office of Student Affairs at

School Uniform

The school uniform promotes the identity of a UASHS student. All students are required to secure at least one set of school uniforms. You may opt for pre-owned uniforms of your siblings or friends who are former students of UASHS, or you may look for a tailor to sew them for you. The pattern can be accessed via:

List of Books (to be posted on the UA Senior High School FacebookPage when it becomes available);

Tuition Fee and Miscellaneous (to be posted on the UA Senior High School and UASHS Guidance and Admissions Facebook Page when available).

For reference, the Fees for Academic Year 2023-2024 are as follows:

Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees of UASHS:   40,989.00
Voucher (public school)                                    17,500.00
Estimated T & M                                                23,489.00 for the whole Academic Year

UASHS Academic Integrity Code – As a Formator of Catholic Leaders, the UASHS strictly adheres to its academic integrity code/ Cheat-free School. Students learn in an environment that promotes honesty and integrity in their scholarly works. Parents, Students, and Teachers pledge to support the UASHS Academic Integrity Code.

Having presented the salient points of UASHS education, we hope that you have been oriented and are now ready to enroll your son/daughter in our school.

Reservation Procedure:

Upon receipt of the ACCEPTANCE LETTER, make a non-refundable reservation fee  of  P1,000.00


  1. Over-the-counter at the Business Office
  2. You can pay via GCash:
    • First go to "bills"
    • Second, search biller - University of the Assumption
    • Lastly, fill out the necessary information such as name, UA student number, and purpose of payment. Example:

      Name: Juan A. Dela Cruz
      UA Student Number: 1234567890
      Purpose of payment: Reservation fee for Grade 11

  3. Other payment options:
    • BPI Bills Payment - Click the link to enroll at
    • Other payment Facilities:



In making reservation payments, the student number indicated in the Acceptance Letter, or you may coordinate with to receive your student number. Note also that if you want to change the strand from the one you applied for, please inform us in writing so we can make necessary adjustments in your student records.

For the latest announcements, follow our Fb pages:

UASHS Guidance and Admissions
UA Senior High School and;
UASHS Supreme Student Council

For inquiries, call us at 0966 4827 945 or 961-3617 loc 155 (during M – F 8:30AM to 4:00PM)

Please message us on Fb - UA Senior High School
or email us at

Thank you for choosing UA Senior High!

We prepare you for College, we prepare you for life!

Your bright future begins here!

Jump-start your BRIGHT FUTURE with us.