Admission Requirements

Enrolment is the process that provides a student with an official capacity in the university. Students may avail of the services of the university only upon completion of enrolment. They may only participate in and receive grades for classes they have officially enrolled in. The complete enrolment process includes:

  1. Enlistment in advised subjects
  2. Payment of assessed fees
  3. Submission of enrolment requirements
  4. ID issuance/validation

As a general rule, only the applicants with the required educational attainment will be admitted to the University of the Assumption Graduate School. Their academic achievement as a baccalaureate degree/ master’s degree graduate implies their developed ability and readiness for advanced study and independent learning.

Applicants for admission in the different programs of the UA Graduate School must comply with the specified requirements.

For New Graduate and Post Graduate Students

  1. Original copy of True Copy of Grades (from previous school)
  2. Original copy of Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer
  3. Photocopy of PSA/NSO Birth Certificate
  4. Photocopy of PSA/NSO Marriage Certificate (if married)
  5. Accomplished Student Information Sheet
  6. Recent identical 2 x 2 photos (2 copies)

For Transferees

  1. Graduate subjects taken from other schools may be credited provided that such courses have equivalent courses at the University of the Assumption.  The Dean of the GraduateSchool or the Chair (for the MATS program) evaluates and approves the courses for crediting. Credits are verified at the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Only for a maximum of one third (1/3) of the total number of academic units (excluding thesis/ dissertation) required for a degree can be accepted as transfer credentials.  However, the UA Graduate School may extend the limit in exceptionally meritorious cases.

For Returnees

  1. A student who resumes studies after three (3) years or more shall be required to take at least three (3) refresher courses (equivalent to 9 units).

For Foreign Students

  1. Foreign students may be admitted as enrollees in a degree program of theGraduate School upon submission of the permit to enroll from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) upon compliance with the immigration rules.
  2. Foreign Students whose native language is not English and/or whose undergraduate medium of instruction was in a language other than English are required for admission to enroll in a special class in Englis
  3. Steps one to four in this section shall also apply to foreign student applicants.

Admission Procedure

  1. Consult the Office of the Graduate School for admission requirements.
  2. Secure and fill-out the application form. Submit the accomplished form with the Official Transcript of Records (one original and one photocopy) with CHED Special Order of graduation – a BS/ AB transcript for the MAED, MBA or MPA, a MAED transcript for the doctoral program.


  • Applicants for master’s studies with at least a general average of 85% or 2.0 in the undergraduate program will be admitted on a regular basis.  Those with lower average may be admitted on probation.
  • Students who apply for admission to the doctorate program must present a transcript of records of a corresponding Master’s degree with an average of 90% or 1.5.
  • A Filipino student who graduated from schools outside the Philippines has to present his/her credentials to the Registrar’s Office.  A copy of the same shall be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School Office.
  1. Other important documents for submission:
  • completed student information sheet
  • marriage contract (for married applicants)
  • three (3) pieces 2×2 ID pictures, and two (2) pieces 1×1 ID pictures (most recent copy)
  • transfer credentials (certified true copy of grades and honorable dismissal certificate), if the applicant is a transferee.
  1. Check the interview schedule with the secretary/ staff of the Graduate School.

Graduate Studies Enrollment Steps

Step 1: Advisement/EnlistmentDean’s Office                   

  1. Secure the Form UA-GradStudies-4  (Semestral Student Information Sheet/Graduate Studies  Enrollment Procedure)
  2. Secure the Class Schedule/Assessment Form

Note: Have the Form UA-GradStudies-4  signed by the personnel in-charge of each enrollment step.

Step 2: Payment of fees – Finance Office

  1. Present the Dean approved Form UA-GradStudies-4
  2. Pay the fees for the semester
  3. Secure the Official Receipt

Step 3A: ID IssuancePhoto lab (new student)

  1.      Present the Dean and Treasurer approved Form UA-GradStudies-4
  2.      Have image taken
  3.      Secure the ID card
  4.      Proceed to the Office of Student Affairs for the ID validation sticker to be put on the ID card

Step 3B: ID ValidationOffice of Student Affairs (old student)

  1.     Present the Dean and Treasurer approved Form UA- GradStudies-4
  2.      Secure the ID validation sticker to be put on the ID card

Step 4: Submission of duly approved Form UA- GradStudies-4Office of the University Registrar

  1. Submit the duly approved Form UA- GradStudies-4

NOTE: Payment of fees (initial or full) has to be made in order to attend classes. Keep the Class Schedule/Assessment form and Official Receipt as proofs of enrollment.

Schedule of Fees

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